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    When Stephanie Wood was selected to play netball for Australia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, one of her sisters told her, “I’m more proud of where you’ve come from, than where you’re going!” It was the perfect tribute for an athlete whose international career was almost over before she’d begun. Described by her former coach, Sue Gaudion, as one of the smartest players she’s ever worked with, Steph nevertheless had to battle to make it to the top. Her biggest challenge along the way was finding her own inner strength.

    Read more… https://www.netballscoop.com/2019/06/ns-exclusive-stephanie-wood-inner-strength/

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    Wasn’t able to comment on the article’s page itself, but what a fantastic, beautifully written piece. Steph Wood seems highly self-aware and reflective.

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    Great article. Thanks Jenny.

    I did notice that Steph remembered “the turning point.”

    Thanks Steph Wood.

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    wonderful insights – I love stories like this. It sets a wonderful example for younger fans to keep striving, even if you’re ‘different’.

    It also reminds me of how masterful the diamonds selection is – Tippett and Wood are both extraordinary players, but so different. The change up will provide greater variation than the wood/pettitt option provided last year.

    Tippett’s athleticism almost forced coaches to let her ‘find her way’ in netball (thinking back to her underwhelming debut with swifts). Contrasting this with Wood’s debut where my sentiment was “where the heck was this lady hiding until now?”. It’s not a criticism of Tippett, but rather just highlight how awesome it is that you can become a diamond despite the different pathways – not matter if you’re a gifted basketballer or a vertically challenged late bloomer. Such great examples of diversity in pathways and backgrounds. It will be so odd to think of one of these players sitting on the bench during a gold medal game. at this stage i really hope they play a half each.

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    Sue Gaudion said it.

    She put it down to Wood not meeting that atletic profile.

    That is why I support Steph Wood. For no other reason. I remember watching the game in 2012. I was a Firebirds supporter at the time.

    I thought at the time. Why would you fly someone all that way just to be a supporter. My mind wonders. I think Chelsea Pitman was signed from NSW. All I thought was give the Queenslander a go.

    That was the turning point.

    Jonathan Thurston was overlooked by the Bronco’s. Did no meet the athletic profile. Too skinny. He was also let go by Canterbury for similar reasons.

    Cameron Smith (The Accountants body) was overlooked by the Bronco’s. Did not meet the athletic profile. And Brisbane had Luke Priddis.

    Or why Billy Slater stayed loyal to the Storm when Brisbane overlooked him at 18.

    I’ve always enjoyed the journeys of people who fit outside the mould. They’ve played a few games between them.

    Stephanie Wood. I have put you in good company.



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    Nice insights. This is wonderful:

    . We were given some training singlets and I said, ‘Yellow!’, whereas Peace just said, ‘It’s so good to have a uniform.’ Comments like that remind us that some of these girls have come from real hardships in life, and it makes us appreciate what we do have here instead of wanting more. It’s very humbling.”

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