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    International netball was officially born on August 20 1938, when a team representing New Zealand, took on an Australian selection in Melbourne in what would go down as the first ever test match. Australia won convincingly 40-11, which wasn’t at all surprising, given the New Zealanders were used to playing quite a different nine-a-side version of the sport. It wasn’t until 1957 that a standardised set of international rules was first drawn up, then three years later, the International Federation of Women’s Basketball and Netball Associations was formed and they officially adopted these rules. This cleared the way for the staging of the 1st World Netball Tournament, in the English town of Eastbourne in 1963.

    Read more… https://www.netballscoop.com/2019/07/ns-exclusive-netball-world-cup-history-the-biggest-names-and-biggest-games/

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    I hope someone out there enjoys this. I’m afraid it’s quite LONG.

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    This was well worth the read. So great to put it all in context

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    Thanks Ian, I didn’t consider it long!

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    Awesome read Ian, feel I have been to most of the world cups now. Thanks for your effort.

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    Wow, thanks Ian, that was great! What a wonderful history the World Cup has. Can’t wait to see what this one brings

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    Really informative article Ian. Thanks.

    Although as a Silver Ferns fan all of those 1 goal losses make for some hard reading….

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    Really, really enjoyable read Ian! Thanks for that, it was very very interesting as I wasn’t aware of most the history!

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    Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative read Ian. Well done. 1 day and 23 hours and 10 minutes to go!

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    Thanks so much Ian for putting in so much work for this fantastic article.

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    Fantastic article. Some great names of netball in there!

    Always amazes me that players have played in 5 and now we have a player who is about to play 6 world cups – that’s 20+ years at the top of the game, definitely not an easy feat

    I am really glad to see it’s not automatically NZ v Aus anymore and that any teams can win

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