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    Great for Klau, but I was really gunning for Poolman here…

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    I would put Poolman on court before Klau at this stage, but I really respect the way the diamonds brains trust do back youth and their development pathways with a eye on the future. Poolman’s time is probably gone with Bruce/Layton/Geitz/Mannix for the next year or two and Klau is 4 years younger than Poolman

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    Klau is a better player than Poolman. Layton still injured?

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    I was a bit underwhelmed by Klau in the Fast 5 tournament. I would love to see Maddy Turner given a call up (if she isn’t already in the extended squad). I know she is a GD but we have a wealth of players that can play GK. Is Manu’a in the extended squad?

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