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    This is great the way they’ve announced it, but seriously, 26 players? They may as well have said who WASN’T in the squad!

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    What the heck? Why, just why? The ‘Ama (subject to fitness)’ thing made me laugh though.

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    Shooters: Kadeen Corbin, Eleanor Cardwell, Jo Harten, Ella Clark, Rachel Dunn, George Fisher, Helen Housby, Nat Haythornthwaite

    Midcourt: Amy Carter, Nat Panagarry, Chelsea Pitman, Iona Darroch, Gabriella Marshall, Sasha Corbin, Serena Guthrie, Laura Malcolm, Jade Clarke

    Defence: Ama Agbeze, Halimat Adio, Rebekah Airey, Summer Artman, Layla Guscoth, Razia Quashie, Fran Williams, Eboni Usoro-Brown, Geva Mentor

    *Jodie Gibson and Beth Cobden unavailable due to injury

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    Long squad ????

    Ha, England A beat Uganda by a bigger margin than the Roses so she probably included everyone because of that…

    I think Pitman might be excluded but only because a majority of the squad seem to be in the UK at the moment training. She was the only one not at SPOTY. TNev told radio 5 live that they had training the day after the awards. The players had told her they weren’t going  :laugh2:   :laugh2:

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    FFS :fie:

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    Think its a great idea, shes not hemming herself in

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    Gibson? What happened to her?

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    Gibson? What happened to her?

    She’s injured.

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    Her knee was strapped quite heavily and she was limping when they has the tri-tournament a few weeks ago so assuming it is still an issue.

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