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    This is an excellent article and one that really highlights how seriously concussion needs to be taken. I remember at the time lots of people saying that she should be coming back as it was “just a knock” but I’m so glad that Vixens medical staff went cautiously with her.

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    Remember Cynna Neale’s concussion and aftermath …

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    as a parent of a child who has had two concussions now playing sports, it is important NEVER to underestimate it.  Friends of ours child playing the same sport as ours did not follow advise and spent 2 1/2 years away before he was well enough to play sport again.  It really changed his life big time, couldn’t work, luckily his parents supported him.

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    Always amazed me how quickly some athletes seem to come back from it. It’s no wonder sports with lots of minor knocks and the occasional concussion result in degenerative brain conditions. Its particularly scary when children get them as their brains are still developing and so much care must be taken even if the child loves their sport.

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    Hannah Petty was also out of the game for a whole year due to concussion. The upside of team’s understanding better is that they stand by the athletes where in the past they would have been dropped for being “soft”.

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    I have been knocked out seriously about 4 times playing Senior Rugby League in the old BRL in Brisbane.

    Ha ha. I hear ya. Now it makes sense you say. It’s okay. Humour is good.

    There’s concussion levels from slight knocks leading to getting knocked out and throwing up for the next 4 or 5 hours. That’s been me 4 times. You wake up in the shed. Or the coach leaves you on and the next thing you know it’s the 2nd half.

    The due care in sport these days has improved the understanding for all of us. You must always err on the side of caution.

    Mannix. She’s going alright the kid. Nice bounce back. Just hold your form and you can stamp the passport. But remember. If you play the Birds.When Romelda goes up. Those elbows are coming down like pistons.


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