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    Bruce started as a GD and I have always been impressed with her there when she’s been pushed out. As much as I’d like to see Turner get a go, I think the Klau/Mannix/Weston/Bruce lineup is Australia’s strongest at present. Our defensive stocks are running a little thin at present though it must be said.

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    I will be disappointed if the defence end is not Mannix, Weston, Klau and Bruce. I was calling for this before the Brandley pregnancy announcement.  It is the form Australian defence end, both Klau and Bruce can cover GD and remember this is a test match selection not a tournament. The question is if they take a squad of 15 who do you take as the 5th defender? I am really not sure. Eddy was in great form but injured. Jenner is too costly on the penalties. Hinchliffe is a little way off. Garrett missed most of the year injured. Turner would probably get the spot at this point but for me there is quite a gap between the top 4 and the rest. Good news is that there are many youngsters coming through who probably just need 12-24 months to really be able to push for selection.

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    Klau at GK and Bruce at GD would be amazing to watch with Weston or Price at WD

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    Klau/Bruce/Weston was the defence end that many on here, myself included, thought was Australia’s strongest lineup and shockingly we didn’t even see it once at NWC. Against Barbados we saw these three but it was with Klau and Bruce the other way around which is quite clearly wrong.

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    Um, I can’t believe I predicted this on the game thread the other day!

    I know! I thought of your post as soon as I had read this. Well done!

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    Amazing news for April.  Cant believe she played so well for so long!  Cudos to her.

    Really interested to see as well who is appointed in the diamonds squad at the defence end.

    Much preferring Mannix over Klau.  I think the Diamonds really need to start developing and bringing the younger players through the ranks, especially GD’s and GS’s.

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