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    minkie Posts: 3347 Send a Message Member since: Jun 21, 2014 Netballcrazy your country won last year didnt it?

    Ummmm, nope. NC lives in South Australia, so we can assume her team is the Diamonds, which got a silver medal last year. (You can find plenty of photos of netballers in red celebrating if you need a memory-jog.) But the rest of your points are fair enough.

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    Lol Parda, I forgot about England winning that game but hey the Diamonds have a damn fine track record till then.  Thanks for link.

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    I would like to know what “clearing the air” would look like to @Ravmarie16. Does she expect Maria to make a public statement saying she does not share her husband’s views in any way.? If so will she require the same sort of scrutiny to be applied to all players likely to be eligible for the Silver Ferns, and other representative teams. ?Her comment of “guilt by association” I find concerning, and a slippery slope.Mcleod’s comments re Maria having the effrontery to have breakfast with her husband and the ARA players’ representative in a public place, and Baller’s comments re “attitude” and “rotten apples” are in my opinion representative of that slippery slope, and suggestive of their discrimination. NNZ cannot chose players to represent NZ on the basis of their personal attitudes or views. They CAN expect players to adequately represent the Code of Conduct of their organisation. I am not aware that Maria , as a Silver Fern has ever breached this expectation. !Australian rugby’s dispute with Israel Folau is over his apparent breach of his contract with THEM, and THEIR players’ Code of Conduct. They are very aware of his beliefs, and that in a “free” society he is entitled to these beliefs. If they are serious about “inclusiveness” and “diversity” they must also accept that Israel’s views and others with similar views are part of that diversity. Their problem is in the management of those players,and those views. Especially if the views might be seen to border on being being discriminatory, and hateful.Clearly they have not been successful at “managing” Israel Folau.

    Maria Folau is a New Zealander whose sporting career is with Netball New Zealand, not the ARA. Unless she in some way breaches her contract with NNZ in my opinion she has nothing to answer for, and deserves to be treated with the respect we should accord to all of our representative sports people.

    There is a wonderful contribution by Clyde Rathbone in ‘Players Voice’.

    Israel and my name are on a Rugby League shield. Yes. It says Turning Point. That’s the only relevance he has to me.

    He can repent. I love a bet. So I’ll take the odds between heaven and hell.

    I can laugh his words off. But I’m more sure of myself than some younger people who look up to Israel. Or people who perceive his words differently.

    I respect the things that people want from the bible and its teachings. But they were written how many years ago? I could spend hours writing about the teachers of those teachings who strayed from those teachings, Matthew 18 to name one.

    The suicide rate of 1 in younger non hetero people who find it hard to come out is 1 too many. It is higher than that.

    The suicide rate of footballers of Islander heritage who want to earn 10% of what Israel earns a year to help their family is too high.

    And if you are a gay Islander who plays football. What then?




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    I’ve deleted a comment and I’m going to close this thread off for now.

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