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    Liverpool July 21 – AUSTRALIA v NEW ZEALAND
    4:45pm UK Time (1:45am AEST, 1:15am SA, 11:45pm WA, 3:45am NZ)

    Live scoring, stats & matchups…



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    It’s like Groundhog Day.

    Same teams same winner….well in 4 out of the last 5.

    This is our time, our turn. Back to the Top. Come on Silver Ferns!!

    Just Do It!!

    Play with the freedom, tenacity and skill you showed in the 2nd half against Australia 3 days ago, like you did to absorb the pressure England put on you in the Semi Final. You Got This!!

    I have posted many a time on FB in reply to people before this tournament started – ‘Never underestimate a team coached by Noeline Taurua’.

    This is the Big Dance, this is what you’re there for. Not a Silver Medal. A Gold Medal. A Netball World Cup.

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    I have watched and been able to follow the NT NZ transition. It has been interesting. The comments here on Netball Scoop. It’s easy enough to go back through them and see who said what about selections etc.

    There are always doubts. Luckily NT is not in the business of doubts. She’s in the Business of trust and process.

    I can see why the SF’s are playing off for first place.

    For Australia. As good as we are. The doubt is high. All of a sudden NZ have brought chaos to our game.

    We were able to assess form under the old ANZ trans Tasman. Know their game. It came to Cons and Quad.

    Now Australia have advertised the best competition in the World. Our old alliances severed after Australian teams totally dominated the old ANZ competition. Is that okay to say?

    Australia has to work out the zones of NZ. It’s going to be tough. Maria brought her A game. Took him shopping. Now if she plays a ‘team’ game and takes her shots with high %. Then Australia are in significant trouble.

    The ability to maintain your standard for each game. So we’ll see what Ameliaranne can offer today. Performance can be Yo Yo like.

    If any of the Australian players have doubt. Let LA know now.

    Australia have had plans. They just haven’t carried that plan to its best execution or for the full 60 minutes.

    I’ll tip the Team that has the 2 guns. Smith and Wesson. That’s what I call them. Bruce and Weston.

    Both NZ and Australia has been building. Differently. But each previous game carrying its own momentum.

    Did NZ over celebrate the SF win? Is that it. Job done. We got here. There were levels of over reaction. That’s like a pin to a balloon. They’ve been business from the start. Balloon intact.

    Australia have to work out that titles are hard work. There is no entitlement here. Go back 2 years and if they can recall that sense of entitlement at CWG’s then ‘who wants that feeling again’? That’s just an observation. I don’t say that to be offensive. Harness that feeling and use it to your advantage.

    Australia has one state of mind and NZ have another. Both are recipes for intense effort that can be played out before they hit the court.

    So whoever controls this nervous energy. This energy that can tax the mind. It will go a long way to winning.

    Australia will get to a lead. Deal with the 3rd quarter better and hold on.

    I doubt if Liz Watson will get as heavily penalised as when these 2 teams last met.

    Can Gretel reduce offensive penalties? Same with C-Bass. JLP. You 3 are under NT’s microscope here.

    If Wood starts we know that both defenders will pressure C-Bass. If C-Bass doesn’t start well. That’s a problem. Same if Wood takes the shot to take pressure off then she must score. NT is banking on 8/10. She must shoot 10/10.

    Gretel. I’m sure that she has to hit the court with Thwaites. But LA knows more than I. Gretel was the GA in the last 2 ANZ premierhips.

    If Gretel starts? Then even I have to trust her.

    There is only one way to counteract NT playing to the Diamond weaknesses.

    Each Diamond need to just play to their own strengths. And if they do that. It will be good enough by 5+.


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    Australians are a very young and very inexperienced side except for Bassett and Thwaites.  Unlikely they will both be on the court at the same time.  Who is going to be the general in the midcourt?  We have no general like Langman.  If NZ are going to win this is the game.  So much experience in the Silverferns and I fear Taurua has LA’s measure.  Come on Diamonds – play out of your skins.

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    I like Norma Plummer’s guess…flip a coin!

    No doubt it will be close between the two teams. I’m still really proud of NZ regardless of the result.

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    I’m just super stoked as last time we played a semi final at a big event we lost by 20.

    Amazing turn around, can Ferns win it, well they will have to use their bench.  I expect Mes and Burger and Saunders to get game time.

    Get of to a good start and they may well get home.

    I was more nervous for the Malawi game, than I am for the final.

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    I’ll be sleeping

    Ferns already accomplished more than I’d dreamed of


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    The last dance ladies! This is it, no turning back! Bring all that experience to the front. Absorb the pressure, rise above it and crush it! That semi was not our Swan song.

    Follow Noelines words like it’s prophecy. Don’t hold back, give nothing but 100% of yourself on the court. Smile and enjoy the game like you have been. Embrace the crowd, put on a show and bring home the Cup ladies! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿


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    Let’s go Ferns!! :dance2:

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    Minkie, I’ve decided to try to watch both medal matches LIVE. Wish me luck. Coffee at 11.30pm and again at 1.30am.

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    Umpires -Gary Burgess & Kate Stephenson with Louise Travis

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    Minkie, I’ve decided to try to watch both medal matches LIVE. Wish me luck. Coffee at 11.30pm and again at 1.30am.

    Good luck lol

    I’m too knackered, worked all weekend plus I’m getting old.  Woke up at 4am, damn bladder, then had a quick glance to see Ferns/England result, been a long day lol

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    Plus the stress does me in

    I truly can’t handle it

    Doomed to watch games ONLY when I know the outcome lol

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    Silver Ferns, I am proud already!
    From 4th at Commonwealth Games, to the final of the World Cup!

    Beat the best England team ever produced, and showed that you can compete with Aust.

    Bring home gold! Kopua Folau and Langman deserve this title.
    Play hard, dont hold back and PLAY THE KIWI WAY!!!!!

    Aust will be bloody tough, BUT you got this!

    Noels, legend already.
    I wonder who the crowd will back since England are out……

    Watson v Langman
    Bruce v Folau
    Kopua/Watson v Basset

    Key match ups.

    Play hard ladies!

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    Don’t think I’ll be able to watch it live but go diamonds. Proud to be an Aussie even if we don’t have the same redemption arc as the ferns to spur us on, I’m sure the girls will play with heart and that’s the key in these games.

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