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    Giants problems have been well documented. Despite today’s win they aren’t playing well.

    But Collingwood. What is going on there?

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    Losing Madi was more of a loss than it appeared, given the talent available in the mid court. She was the major creative force on Attack whether at WA or C (as was sometimes the case in preseason). With her injury, Medhurst has stepped in to support the mid court in that role, as she did last year for Fever. This week, with Manu’a getting on top of her, Medhurst couldn’t make as much of a contribution. (Having seen how much trouble Manu’a gave Philip last week, I’m not surprised by how effective she was today).

    At the same time, Giants are starting to sort out how to score goals with two dominant goal shooters sharing the circle. Still not pretty, but beginning to become effective. It seems to me that both teams are still sorting out how to most effectively use the players they have to get a winning score. Giants seem a bit closer to cracking the code.

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    Why are Magpies so bad with all those great/very good/current and recent national players? Last two years the coach was blamed……they’ve now got Mentor, C Browne, Medhurst and Nelson …..still not a powerhouse team gelling together.

    Good question. These changes offered so much. They did beat SCL 2 weeks ago.

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    Pies have Mentor (Rose), Brandley (Diamond), Brazill (next in line WD Diamond), Rav (Diamond), Browne (Diamond). I don’t get why Medhurst has to help this midcourt out. The players here have more experience than last year’s Fever Team.

    The ball is stalling and it is hard to say why without offending. It’s easier to move the ball if the collective move it rather than any individual being a ball player. That was Maddi’s strength.

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    That wasn’t pretty netball. CBass and Harten…. It should be a combo that can work because Harten and Rachel Dunn play well together, but Dunn moves more than Basset and does have a much better range so doesn’t hog the post. Thwaites and Harten, now that I’d like to see.

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    I disagree with some comments here, I thought JLP outplayed Rav. Her feeding into Bassett needs work but all of their connections with Bassett needed work. I thought Giants clicked into gear in the latter part of the game and had glimpses that showed how brilliant and dominant they will be once that combination becomes settled. I prefer JLP at WD but Parmenter didn’t seem ready for Centre at this level yet so yesterday’s combo worked better for the team.

    Parmenter was brilliant!!! Especially against Browne of all people. So lovely to see ex training partners given opportunities and playing well, her face when they told her she was MVP was sweet!! Well deserved. Poolman had a great game too

    Magpies definitely missing Madi Browne, I enjoyed her at Centre with Kelsey at WA in the preseason. I think Rav still isn’t playing to get potential and their front line hasn’t yet clicked into gear either but will improve



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    Just finished watching replay I agree it was a scrappy game. One comment from Cath Cox (and I like Cath) in the first quarter I was surprised to hear Cath say that Madi Browne almost did Rob Wright a favour by injuring her knee because he didn’t have a selection headache in centre third.

    No doubt the plan was to be able to rotate players through those positions to give players rest, give opposition a different look and to change things up if things are not going well.

    So that comment definitely raised my eyebrows.


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    Totally agree Scott. It was a ridiculous comment from Cath and I’m sure she didn’t mean it in the way it came across but she should have at least tried to take it back somehow.

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    I like how Cath just says it how it is! I mean that was one of the things I thought of, when I heard she was out for the season. Don’t get me wrong, I was completely devastated for her (or anyone in the same position) and was looking forward to seeing her and her sister get court time together.

    But 2 things that came to mind was –

    1) Browne was guaranteed a starting position

    2) Rav was the lucky one – cause I thought the sisters would have edged her out of the starting 7

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