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Jul 7, 2018

I’d love to see Moore get some development at GD/WD this season even if she’s just an impact player eg if Turner is off move Eddy to GD and Moore to WD or make a direct switch to GD or if Eddy is off make the switch to WD. Would be nice to have some NSW juniors pushing for starting seven. When Claire O’Brien gets back Hadley will have trouble keeping her spot in the seven, as of right now, Haythornthwaite is a more natural GA and doesn’t bring enough drive which is a big problem area for swifts. At times this season the only one driving in the attack third was Proud and everyone else just floating off the body.

Agree with all of this! But I think Hadley had a really poor season by her standards and hopefully will come back stronger next season and provide more strong drives


Interesting that Proud was identified in the talent group announced recently which sets them up for a future with Diamonds but Hadley wasn’t. Proud must have been one of the eldest in that group