There have been some recent changes made to the procedures for signing up to Netball Scoop due to security concerns. The object clearly is to bar the cyber thugs, while allowing legitimate members to enjoy this site & all the benefits it has to offer. I suggested to your wonderful chairperson that perhaps a post from me detailing these changes might be in order, & she unequivocally agreed, as she wanted this site to be welcoming to all regardless of technical acumen. W/the World Cup fast approaching, she wished to make participating in the site’s activities as easy as possible for all.

The bottom line is that the traditional WordPress registration facility has been disabled in order to prevent spam registrations, & an alternative has been put into place. A link to sign up for free membership on the site is available via the menu bar. However, in case someone can’t see or is having difficulty accessing the menu, the link to the registration page is:


It will be necessary to confirm your email address in order for your membership to activate. You will not be able to post to the forums or post comments until that step has been completed. Please understand that those who have already registered on the site need not do so again. This only applies to those wishing to become a new member of the site.

We welcome you & sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here.