It’s been a privilege to hold the role of Netball Scoop Chair since October 2016. It’s a role that is ever-changing and ever-challenging and I feel I’ve given it a good crack. But it’s time to step aside.

Having been around in the original Sportzline forum-era back in 2001 and seeing the online community grow and morph into what has become Netball Scoop has been pretty remarkable.

Being involved in netball in this capacity is never something I set out to do – every opportunity I’ve had involving netball I feel has been from sheer luck, but I am truly grateful for the privilege.

As the first Chair of Netball Scoop, it was important to implement a vision ensuring growth and longevity and I hope I’ve created a solid foundation for that to continue.

Netball Scoop has grown significantly in its (almost) seven years of existence – from the quality and quantity of contributors, to the following of nearly 35,000 across social media.

Having also overseen the social media platforms for the last few years I’ll miss the banter, the laughs, the GIFs and memes, navigating the sea of opinions, but most importantly sharing the work of the brilliant Netball Scoop writers and photographers. They are truly some of the best in the business.

I’ll wrap up my duties at the end of the 2018 Suncorp Super Netball season, with a new Chair to be announced following the AGM in early September.

I encourage you to continue supporting Netball Scoop, the committee and the team at large as they strive to continue showcasing the best sport in the world with integrity and unrivalled passion.



Michael Hutchinson
Outgoing Netball Scoop Chair

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