Christmas is sneaking up on us faster than ever, but never fear! Netball Scoop has searched the depths of the internet to bring you our shortlist of the best netball-themed Christmas gifts out there. Whether it’s your mum, dad, sibling, partner or that co-worker you’ve really been trying to convince to join you on the sidelines, there’s nothing like netball to brighten someone’s Christmas.


Shine: The Making of the Australian Netball Diamonds

If you have someone in your life who is yet to read Shine, please remedy this immediately. Detailing the Diamonds’ road to the 2015 Netball World Cup, beginning with coach Lisa Alexander’s appointment, this is a must read for any netball fan. Also featuring in-depth profiles of 12 heroes of the modern game in Australia, it is a fascinating read for sports fans of all ages. And if you spot a similarity in names between one of Shine’s authors and the writer of this article, it is a purely a coincidence.

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Grace on the Court by Maddy Proud

If you can get away with handing over an IOU this Christmas, we recommend you do so and pre-order this delightful read by NSW Swifts’ midcourter Maddy Proud. It tells the story of 13-year-old Grace Parker, a self-described “netball nerd” who is navigating the difficult path of moving from primary school to high school and balancing friendships, rivalries, netball and boys. Perfect for the junior netballer in your life (or anyone who once was that 13-year-old netball nerd) this enchanting book is in stores on 29 January.

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Personalised netballs

We’ve all been there. You go to leave netball after a hard Saturday of racing all over the court only to discover that your netball has gone missing. Whether it’s rolled off and ended up in some far flung corner of the local courts or been sneakily scooped into someone else’s bag, it’s a hard loss to take. Save someone you love the heartbreak with one of these awesome personalised balls. At the very least it will mean you can authoritatively march up to anyone who’s taken it and know for sure that it’s yours.

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Personalised whistle

Umpires are the people we all love to hate. As much as we sometimes wish we could take their whistles and throw them into the stormwater drain when they call “Contact Wing Defence” for the 123rd time that game, we have to admit we couldn’t play without them. Christmas is a time to forgive the umpires in your life for all those calls they made against you and show them some gratitude for allowing the games to happen. What better way than with a personalised whistle? The Thundrerer is also a perfect choice for young umpires still building their confidence as it’s nice and loud and means they’re sure to be heard among the rabble.

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Netball pendant

For your stylish friends, why not give them a way to show the world their love of netball? This cute pendant is a perfect stocking filler for those who want everyone to know how much they love their favourite sport. Just make sure they remember to take it off before one of those pesky umpires catches sight of it!

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Diamonds Merchandise

With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, you want to make sure your friends and family are all kitted out with the best Diamonds merchandise. We’ve identified some of the best stocking fillers which are sure to make every Diamonds’ fan’s Christmas a merry one: