Cox speaks out

Catherine Cox in action at last year's World Championships in Singapore
Catherine Cox in action at last year's World Championships in Singapore. Image credit: Stanley Yeo.

Gun netballer Catherine Cox has long been lauded as one of the best shooters to play for Australia and the NSW Swifts.

After a decorated 13-year career with the Swifts, Cox was told by new coach Lisa Beehag that she would not be leading the Swifts for this year’s ANZ Championship campaign.

She was disappointed, but also shocked.

“I rang the coach to have a chat about what was the plan and she didn’t sound too enthusiastic,” the 35-year-old told Channel 10.

“I don’t want to blow sunshine up my own butt, but surely I’m worth a fourth shooter in a team so that was hard to take, definitely.”

Just a couple of days after receiving the news, Cox had to front up to fly with her Australian Diamonds teammates to Hong Kong to prepare for the World Championships.

Cox made the decision to speak publicly to let Swifts supporters know that she didn’t depart Sydney for the sake of it after deciding to cross to Perth’s West Coast Fever.

“It’s not just about me, it’s about teammates, sponsors and fans, the fans were the biggest thing,” she said.

“I didn’t want the Swifts fans, who are some of the biggest fans in the country, to think that I had just upped and left them.

“It’s great to have this opportunity to let them know that wasn’t what happened.”

Cox is captain of the Fever and has teamed up with Australian Diamonds teammate Caitlin Bassett inside the shooting circle.

Former Diamonds coach Norma Plummer is now in charge of Fever and the two-time World Championship winner is making an impact.

“Obviously Norma’s here and (she’s) had a big influence on my career. I’ve had her in the Diamonds for the last seven years,” Cox said.

“I’ve been to Perth before, I love the place and it was a new opportunity for me (and) a chance to get out of my comfort zone.”

Playing at goal attack with Bassett, the incumbent goal shooter, is a new challenge for the veteran of 98 Tests for Australia.

Cox has played most of her career next to Susan Pratley as a goal shooter at the Swifts.

“It’s a lot more running, that’s for sure,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m actually enjoying it. When I first heard that I’d be playing goal attack, (I got a) bit panicky (because) at this stage of my career I didn’t know if my body would hold up with the extra fitness work.

“I’m enjoying it and not finding it too difficult.”

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  1. I am a swifts fan, but I am finding it hard without cath cox, I dont like the idea this is a rebuilding yer for the swifts when it did not have to be. It was a wrong decision

  2. I am not a Swifts fan but I have always enjoyed watching Catherine Cox and cannot believe the Swifts coach has done this. Doesn’t seem like a good decision.

  3. It would be interesting to hear a reply from the Swifts coach. I’ve been a Swifts fan for a very long time and I don’t understand and don’t feel comfortable with this revelation – part of me is regretting being a Swifts member…I just don’t understand why they let her go and did it the way they did.

    On the plus side Cox is still playing in the ANZ Champs and hopefully will for a while and she is a crucial part of the Fever team and mentor to Basset – I really feel like this is their year!

  4. I hope the Swifts board and Beehag are happy. I am a fan of Cox and Bulley. If Julie was still coach these two Australian players would still be at Swifts, and Swifts would be pushing finals. This year they won’t make the finals. I can’t wait until Fever play Swifts hopefully Cox has a blinder. I would hate to imagine how Kim Green and Susan Pratley feel about this situation.

  5. I’m glad that Carla Dziwoki is fianlly getting some game time…but that about it! Cath Cox hasn’t played anything super outstanding in the first two matches for the Fever, and the Swifts have suffered without her (though they miss Bec Bulley and Julie FitzG just as much I’m sure!)

  6. When I first heard this, I felt really bad for Cath as I felt that she was dealt a low blow. But honestly after watching her play so far this year she really isn’t showing the swifts that they should have kept her. Her shooting is off, her passes are shocking and poor Basset is having to do all the shooting herself and the defences are double teaming her as they know that Cath doesn’t want to shoot. Hopefully Cath is just taking some time to settle in or otherwise if she keeps playing like this I don’t think she will be in the Diamonds team either

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